Friday, March 4, 2011

Hours Before Madness

every day i heard ads in radio about this movie, mcm best jer.... (pandai oO dorg tarik minat ku..huhu)
so, i got chance to watch it with my housematez last nite.. =D

this movie is based on a true story, Aron Ralston 
about survival and the human instinct to live...
boring? best? boring? best?
if u guyz vote this movie is boring, then, u really do not appreciate ur life! =P
i vote for best, perhaps i'm also going crazy like Aron..hahaha
want to know why, watch it urself lar...haha

give an applause for James Franco, the main character...
his acting is very good.. dah la b'lakon sorg2 je + need a lot of emotion = superb!
b'debo spjg mse..huhu complete with real effect.. cool!~
moral of the story i got from this movie is :
please inform to anyone of wherever we're going..hehe

thanks for last nite, housematez! ~<3

Zati & Anis

ME & Zac

p/s : Mak Ayah, sorry sy x bgtau sy klua smlm....huhu

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