Thursday, January 19, 2012

Storyboard Design

Final Project - Short Film’s Animatics

Ratzilla Kampung Baru

Prof. Zamil is conducting an experiment to reduce the breeding of wild rats. He didn't notice that some liquid chemical has spilled into his material invention. The material is then carried to other laboratories for final testing. However, the material has dropped out of the vehicle while in the Kampung Baru. Wild rats that ate the material turns into a monster and attack the resident. Prof. Zamil think of different ways to destroy the monsters when he knew about this. Whether he will succeed?
p/s : sorry for my broken English..haha

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Visual Communication : Solo III

Re-design Label - Bottle
sorry Pakcu 916, no offence, for assignment only..tehee :D

new design sketch



it's very tasty and fresh juice
feel free to visit here for more detail 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Creative Advertisement I

for this subject, mostly, all assignments done in group work...
based on Double A product, we have to make printed advertisement..

this concept was created by Arina
credit to Apat for the picture

and edited by me :)

for this one,
the concept created and photographed by Lea


and also edited by me :)

there's another concept which was created and edited by Che Up
sorry guys, i don't have the edited picture... :( 
however, the picture was captured by our professional photographer, Apat

sneak peek at Apat's gallery :D

Visual Communication : Solo II

Typography Assignment - Face

Visual Communication : Solo I

i chose this product, Jacker, for an assignment given which i have to design new advertisement..
and my lecturer have selected this one of my sketch to create it real..

i just need this :





add some gradient background, logo and words
then submit!

just a simple and not awesome work..huu 
C+ maybe..haha