Sunday, February 27, 2011

Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia...

The company have no operator, Chic had to make a side job answering phone calls.
Chic : Hello, ABC Sdn Bhd.

Margaret : May I speak to Mat, your boss please?

Chic : Sorry, he's not in the office yet.

Margaret : Well, can I have his phone number?

Chic asked her senior. The senior said it's a protocol of company that boss's mobile number should never give to a client. Oh-Oo~ trouble for Chic... bcoz she's one of the "tu la, zmn skola x nk praktikkn BI, da tua br glabah".

Chic : Sorry, err..we don't have his number.

Margaret : Why you don't have his number?! He is your boss rite? You as operator must have his number.

Chic : Err.. Sorry, errr....we...

Margaret : What? Speak louder please!

Chic : Errr.. Sorry, err...we cannot give, err..his number to a client.

Margaret : I don't understand what are you saying! 

Chic : Ermm...

Margaret : What other language you understand?

Chic : Ermm.. can we speak in Bahasa Melayu then?

Margaret : No! I don't want to speak Malay with you! Where's your supervisor, I want to speak with her!

Quick Question
Who is the one who should be blame?
A) Chic. Because she do not speak BI fluently.
B) Margaret. Well, we can guess she also 'hampeh' in BM.
C) Company in Malaysia which has put BI as a main condition.

p/s : Kita kan 1 Malaysia....muahahahahahaha =P

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Wish...

today, my age grows another a year...
Happy Birthday To Me~ huhu
i want to make a wish... *sambil tiup lilin atas kek

Ayah .....

can i have this?

please, please, please, please, please.... i want exactly same as that..huhu
i promise i'll complete my P license.. (sy x reti bwk keta lg..haha)


you can take me to...


Universal Studio

i want to go to the original place, US sana...hehe
i've never been to oversea (sape pnah g holiday smata2 dia mmg kaya! huhu)
i want to play with this...

salji !
i know.......... winter is over now..huU~

what? too far?
ok2, tokyo or hong kong then...

still, no budget??
fine... singapore pun jadi lerr....

so Ayah, please choose between this two...hehehe =D

Mak .....

can i have...

i really need this when i'm in degree later...
i know u also want this, we can share it together...
(tp tnggu sy blk kmpung ler br Mak dpt gune) hehehe


how about this...

yeah.. new laptophehe
don't care lar whatever series, asalkan Dell (tukar selera Compaq)...huhu
my laptop gone nuts already.. =(

so, how? have thought about it carefully? huhuhu =D

to anyone who is concerned.....

i want this really bad...

for example only

new glasses!
i've been using a same glasses for three years...huhu
i got extremely high power for both my eye, so very expensive ler kan..

i also want...

macam budak kecik kan..haha
i don't know why i'm suddenly interested to teddy bears... comel!!!
i want the largest one...! huhu

so, boleh x, boleh x? hahaha =D

it is only my fantasy (klu btl pun, ape slhnye..haha) ....
except for my first wish.. Ayah ...plis, plis, plis....hehe =P
the most important, i wish to stay in healthy and happy life with my beloved persons...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maulud Nabi

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w :
"Sesungguhnya orang yang paling banyak dekat denganku pada hari Kiamat 
adalah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadaku"
[Al-Nasai & Ibn Hibban]

صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who Love To Laugh? Raise Your Hands...

i do! hehe  =D
i love to watch comedy, read comix, heard funny stories, goofing around with frens..
thats make me laugh..
kan some research says,
laughter is the Best Medicine for our health
source :
its good for reducing stress, enhancing brain chemistry...
so, laugh as much as u can..hahaha

but then, a few days ago, i read some article in news paper....
it realized me, keeps playing in my mind....

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Banyak Ketawa Hati Mati

how can it be..?

Rasulullah SAW bersabda bermaksud: 
"Dan janganlah kamu banyak ketawa kerana banyak ketawa itu mematikan hati (riwayat Ahmad dan at-Tirmizi)."

Saidina Umar al-Khattab pernah berkata, seseorang yang banyak ketawa nescaya akan kurang rasa takutnya kepada Allah. Apabila rasa takutnya berkurangan, maka akan kuranglah taatnya kepada Allah.

yeah, its true..
if u wanna know, satan loves laughing.. they want to laugh all the times..
that makes us as their bezfrens!
they really hate seeing us crying...

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a : Rasulullah telah bersabda yang bermaksud: "Apabila menguap salah seorang kamu dalam sembahyang, maka hendaklah kamu menutup mulutnya sedapat mungkin dan jangan sampai mengatakan 'hah' kerana sesungguhnya yang demikian itu dari syaitan yang ketawa.

Islam never forbade his followers to express their happiness and satisfaction with a laugh...
kang people will call us smug if we don't laugh on their jokes..
so, don't laugh too much lar, preferably a smile... =)
bak kata org, "ketawa smpai tak ingt dunia"...huhu

gelak sopan

i also wondering...
should we believe 100% to science researches anymore?
before this, as we know that coffee is bad for healthy..
bcoz of that, we don't drink it... (sy pun, bkn xske tp buat sy sakit kepala je)
but then, i also found that coffee is our beloved Rasulullah s.a.w favorite's drink!
thats rite! omputih do loves coffee, lots of coffee shop either..

hmm.. are they wanna make fool on us or what?
for muslims, juz be careful...
jangan t'pesong akidah suda... =)

p/s : times are changing, but the law of God does not change at all

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Food Thief!


"Smarter than average bear"... however, this movie is averageapproximately other 3D animal film... already know flow of the story...
still, this movie is fun! suits for kids and family to watch..
combination of 3D effects and real environment are very effective.. i wonder how the actor's act, is he talking by himself? or using  kind of 'Gollum LOTR' technique? perhaps talk to a real bear?? (mlas nak tgk the making dia..haha)

while searching, i found this Yogi Bear's first poster.. 

this poster got bad response.. they said its a sexually suggestive.. thats because of the tag line, “Great things COME IN BEARS”! related with the position and the face reaction of Yogi and Boo Boo..
i don't know why they have to think like that.. gadis yg suci like me haha, i think its kinda cute poster.. 
kids doesn't know all that SX things... its only shows excited bear, duh~
haish, otak kuning btui depa ni... u guyz also, don't be like that ok! huhu

before the movie start, as usual, there's advertisement coming soon films...
guess what?

what the tuutt?! is he died already? huhu
its fine with MJ for tribute.. but why also want to make a film about him? is he very special??
why, why?
because of his success in young age, isn't it? there's a thousand people out there like him lar..
i admit i love his music but i do not love him.. boOo
mcm kelakar la plak kan..haha
sorry JB's fans =P

thanks to my old frens for spent time together yesterday.. its been a long time we've don't see each other..
miss u girls a lot ~<3

Rozana, Tee, Fana

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Venomous Sting

finally! i've got chance to watch this movie yesterday, wuhuu! i know that some reviews says this movie is a junk film.. but for me, this movie is way much better than batman..haha sorry batman's fans! =P
thanks to seth rogen for introducing this superhero comic, if not i wouldn't ever know them (another superheros).. we only have cicakman and keluangman..hehe
they're wanna be a hero, of course this movie lots of action.. there's also have comedy, the main character doesn't know fight skills pun, juz a spoiled rich brat..huhu i love his partner, whiz with technology, martial arts and just about everything else... before this i'm not interested with jay chou, however he looks very cool in this movie.. *wink2 ;)
and also have a lots of lesson on friendship and real life (sndri fkir le ye)...

now, i want to tell my story...
the green hornet show in 3D only.. don't care lar, janji dpt tgk.. =D
after confirmed seats, the total price is rm40 for two.. my BFF ;) want to pay for the tickets with rm100..
the cashier asked for small money, but we don't have any, really... 
ade ker patut, the cashier said my BFF ;) lying, he saw 'duit kecik' in wallet.. thats what he said
aik?! us, liar?! penampar nak?? lucky, the cashier didn't continue argue..

but then.... why the tickets so expensive than usual???
wah! MAXX! the largest digital hall in malaysia!
we thought we're watching ordinary 3D..

this is my first time in MAXX... yeah... its a huge hall.. enjoyed step on people's feet along way to our seats..haha
this is also my second time watched cinema in 3D... although the movie on screen seems real..
but i do prefer watching normal 2D... don't have to wear 3D glasses..
i'm a fourth eyed girl, why do i have to add another two? huhu (rimas ler...)

mcm green hornet x? =P