Saturday, February 5, 2011

Food Thief!


"Smarter than average bear"... however, this movie is averageapproximately other 3D animal film... already know flow of the story...
still, this movie is fun! suits for kids and family to watch..
combination of 3D effects and real environment are very effective.. i wonder how the actor's act, is he talking by himself? or using  kind of 'Gollum LOTR' technique? perhaps talk to a real bear?? (mlas nak tgk the making dia..haha)

while searching, i found this Yogi Bear's first poster.. 

this poster got bad response.. they said its a sexually suggestive.. thats because of the tag line, “Great things COME IN BEARS”! related with the position and the face reaction of Yogi and Boo Boo..
i don't know why they have to think like that.. gadis yg suci like me haha, i think its kinda cute poster.. 
kids doesn't know all that SX things... its only shows excited bear, duh~
haish, otak kuning btui depa ni... u guyz also, don't be like that ok! huhu

before the movie start, as usual, there's advertisement coming soon films...
guess what?

what the tuutt?! is he died already? huhu
its fine with MJ for tribute.. but why also want to make a film about him? is he very special??
why, why?
because of his success in young age, isn't it? there's a thousand people out there like him lar..
i admit i love his music but i do not love him.. boOo
mcm kelakar la plak kan..haha
sorry JB's fans =P

thanks to my old frens for spent time together yesterday.. its been a long time we've don't see each other..
miss u girls a lot ~<3

Rozana, Tee, Fana

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