Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Green Venomous Sting

finally! i've got chance to watch this movie yesterday, wuhuu! i know that some reviews says this movie is a junk film.. but for me, this movie is way much better than batman..haha sorry batman's fans! =P
thanks to seth rogen for introducing this superhero comic, if not i wouldn't ever know them (another superheros).. we only have cicakman and keluangman..hehe
they're wanna be a hero, of course this movie lots of action.. there's also have comedy, the main character doesn't know fight skills pun, juz a spoiled rich brat..huhu i love his partner, whiz with technology, martial arts and just about everything else... before this i'm not interested with jay chou, however he looks very cool in this movie.. *wink2 ;)
and also have a lots of lesson on friendship and real life (sndri fkir le ye)...

now, i want to tell my story...
the green hornet show in 3D only.. don't care lar, janji dpt tgk.. =D
after confirmed seats, the total price is rm40 for two.. my BFF ;) want to pay for the tickets with rm100..
the cashier asked for small money, but we don't have any, really... 
ade ker patut, the cashier said my BFF ;) lying, he saw 'duit kecik' in wallet.. thats what he said
aik?! us, liar?! penampar nak?? lucky, the cashier didn't continue argue..

but then.... why the tickets so expensive than usual???
wah! MAXX! the largest digital hall in malaysia!
we thought we're watching ordinary 3D..

this is my first time in MAXX... yeah... its a huge hall.. enjoyed step on people's feet along way to our seats..haha
this is also my second time watched cinema in 3D... although the movie on screen seems real..
but i do prefer watching normal 2D... don't have to wear 3D glasses..
i'm a fourth eyed girl, why do i have to add another two? huhu (rimas ler...)

mcm green hornet x? =P

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