Monday, January 31, 2011


every time u walk past any stores, did u guyz ever notice or don't f***ing care about their company logo?
logo is very important, its a mark commonly used to aid and promote instant public recognition...
even individual also have their own logo/symbol... like me! hehe

this is mine! hahaha

this one was made in sem2, which we're have to create our own company for project... (b'angan-angan tu nak buka station radio sndri..hahaha)
during that time, we like to say "gempak" word, thats how the name was created..huhu
however, the logo was created by our group member.. my job juz design for stationary (name card/envelope/letter)


this logo was for our entrepreneur's project laz sem, where we have to sell the product, need to achieve target RM1500.. demm task! (xsampai pun, nsib baik lpas sbjct ni..huhu)
my group chose to sell tudung which was supplied by Butik Asfa...
the name was come from super junior of course! =D  my crazy members also want this name..huhu
i created the logo juz for fun, we juz want to make our own identity..

(no longer dealing! haha)

finally.. this is my FYP group's logo, where we're design corporate website for RAH Properties Corporation..
the name was comes from my younger bro... wherever he saw people wearing square pattern shirt, he will call them "kotak-kotak krew".. besides, i also love square pattern shirt! why don't we juz stick that as our image, kan....
introduce u guyz my group members =)

front : Che Up (our PM)
from left : Zac, Farah, ME, Sir Amad (our SUPERBvisor)

as u can see, i love using wordmarks compare to purely graphics, simple and easy to design...
well, to me, it is hard to design a good and creative logo.. even in one day is not necessarily finish designing...huU
btw, don't ever design silly worst logo, suda..... like this, think urself  =P

Japanese Restaurant
it is a Japanese house in front of the rising sun. what else could it be?

Clothing Shop
guess where i'm going for clothes?

Computer Store


p/s : i beg an apologize to my BFF ;) that i didn't edit his logo

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