Monday, December 27, 2010


why you chose multimedia? thats what my lecturer asked us on the first day in class.. demm! i really don't know what gonna say... i admit, i was 'buta IT' at that time (cuma tau guna microsoft & surf internet je..haha)... multimedia? hmm..sounds so interesting.. thats why i took it! well, that is the point of study, kan? eventually, be a 'pakar IT'... =)

introduce u guyz my creation character, Tehah Jenin... i promised to my bestfren that i'll create her animation someday bcoz during school she always daydreaming..huhu  i made it while i'm in sem3 for my project, very bad motion...hahaha i'm only got B for this subject..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

saranghae yo~

even though you are across the miles....

but, remember that...


Monday, December 13, 2010

Published Workz

while i was cleaning up my messy room during weekend, accidentally i found my last school's magazine 2007 back... 
my senior year that i should proud of (i was very active girl..huhu now i'm very very lazy lar, increasing weight gain..hahaha)...

this mag was my first and last i've published my creativity (sbb magazine tahun2 sblm ni sgt skema, formal sesgt kot..haha).. 

do u guyz know Lawak Kampus? humorous comix ever, loved it! huhu well, my creativity was inspired by keith's storyboard style..

hmm.. this one is not my original story, i just redraw it but exchangeable other characters (from boys to girls)...
copied from very very old series of Ujang, forgot who is the cartoonist is..hehe (jgn saman sy suda..huhu)

and also two jokes essay i wrote in BM section, Hantu Golek and Busuk.. sorry i can't show it bcoz the pics are too blur... both storyline are same, but different funny ending...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kak Limah Ooii...

so i went to watch this comedy movie with my BFF ;) last nite.. this is my 2nd movie for this month i've watch in cinema, after The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (first time i watched movies using premium ticket..wuhu! 5stars for this movie!).
i don't want to explain about the story in this movie as u guyz can search or heard the synopsis somewhere else..hehe maintaining the same character and village, the movie is  improved better than the previous one, Zombi Kampung Pisang. there's also lot of lessons, especially on the belief in the divinity.
although the plot story is ordinary, however its full of gag.. we all in the cinema were really enjoyed non-stop laughing from start till the end (a bit scary ending..huu).. =D
must watch it u guyz! support local movie..hehe

Thursday, December 9, 2010

School Artworkz

i found these pics while i was trying to express my idea designing some stuff (tgh m'buang mse kebosanan sbnrnye..hehe), memories from high schools year comes back.. extremely miss that time.. =)
as i told before about wanna be an architect =( , so i've created this village mini-house with help from my mom (thanks mom! <3).. it's my homework for art subject when i was form2, made from waste products..

i'm took art paper too for SPM..! this is my project that we've to make product design for perfume.. i'm totally out of idea at that time..huhu i bet no one will ever buy my product with this kind of design..haha however i got A1 okay for this subject! =D

i've also joined this coloring contest at family day when i was form4 (i think lar, forgot already..huhu), which was using batik art.. i've got 2nd place in that contest..! the only mistake that i can't be the champion is bcoz i didn't color filled the whole fabric (the white part as u can see)..hehe

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Showing Off Myself

Hi guyz! i don't know what gonna to say, my mouth always close tightly (only talking rubbish things..huhu) So, juz let me introduce myself ye..
i've got a really really long long name (yeke? penat oO nak tulis mse exam..haha), juz call me either Lynn or Dayang.. =)
i'm mixed blood too okay! Sarawak (my dad) and Terengganu (my mom)! hahaha
age? too young to get married..haha i've a high ambitious, need to get it first! =P
i'm studying Diploma In Multimedia at UnikL MIIT.. this is my last year, sem6 (wuhu! xsbar nak hbis da).. now, i'm doing practical at Netfision Sdn Bd, situated at Jalan Maharajalela..
after SPM, i'm actually applying study for architecture.. maybe i'm not quiet brilliant enough, i've got rejected so many times.. =(
however, i'm very very lucky that i found this multimedia programme and i'm very very loved it! =)
i wanna to stick with it to continue studying for degree next year..
i'll do my best and hope i can achieve success in the future..(doa2 kan la ye, for me) =)