Thursday, December 9, 2010

School Artworkz

i found these pics while i was trying to express my idea designing some stuff (tgh m'buang mse kebosanan sbnrnye..hehe), memories from high schools year comes back.. extremely miss that time.. =)
as i told before about wanna be an architect =( , so i've created this village mini-house with help from my mom (thanks mom! <3).. it's my homework for art subject when i was form2, made from waste products..

i'm took art paper too for SPM..! this is my project that we've to make product design for perfume.. i'm totally out of idea at that time..huhu i bet no one will ever buy my product with this kind of design..haha however i got A1 okay for this subject! =D

i've also joined this coloring contest at family day when i was form4 (i think lar, forgot already..huhu), which was using batik art.. i've got 2nd place in that contest..! the only mistake that i can't be the champion is bcoz i didn't color filled the whole fabric (the white part as u can see)..hehe

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