Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Showing Off Myself

Hi guyz! i don't know what gonna to say, my mouth always close tightly (only talking rubbish things..huhu) So, juz let me introduce myself ye..
i've got a really really long long name (yeke? penat oO nak tulis mse exam..haha), juz call me either Lynn or Dayang.. =)
i'm mixed blood too okay! Sarawak (my dad) and Terengganu (my mom)! hahaha
age? too young to get married..haha i've a high ambitious, need to get it first! =P
i'm studying Diploma In Multimedia at UnikL MIIT.. this is my last year, sem6 (wuhu! xsbar nak hbis da).. now, i'm doing practical at Netfision Sdn Bd, situated at Jalan Maharajalela..
after SPM, i'm actually applying study for architecture.. maybe i'm not quiet brilliant enough, i've got rejected so many times.. =(
however, i'm very very lucky that i found this multimedia programme and i'm very very loved it! =)
i wanna to stick with it to continue studying for degree next year..
i'll do my best and hope i can achieve success in the future..(doa2 kan la ye, for me) =)

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  1. goodluck dayang! nnt sem depan kte 1 group yea..hehe!