Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Audio & Video Production

some productions from my team

Music Video

Song : Spitting Fire

blur? for HD quality, you can view here


Title : The Red Ball

sit back, relax and enjoy

Monday, December 3, 2012

UniKL Open Day II 2011

helped BFF ;) designs for their booth event
Nerd Herd theme :D

Logo and Button Badge


Visual Communication : Project

Re-branding Company - Boutique

for this subject, we agreed to select Never Follow Suit as our victim..haha
once again, sorry NFS, no offence, for assignment only..hee :D

as usual, everybody have their own part to do work..
mine is...

Transit Ads

Magazine Ads (Section 1)

Magazine Ads (Section 2)

Magazine Ads (Section 3)

nothing much, cuz i'm too busy to handle the other project

photo! :)
the crew member

Creative Advertisement : Project

Final Project - Campaign

we have to create a campaign and event..
our group has agreed to hold a cycling campaign

each member has been divided to do work
and this is my part...

The Campaign

One of Magazine Ads

Billboard Ads

The Event


Flyers (Front)
Flyers (Back)


Tote Bag

This is our booth display

Final product

group photo!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Storyboard Design

Final Project - Short Film’s Animatics

Ratzilla Kampung Baru

Prof. Zamil is conducting an experiment to reduce the breeding of wild rats. He didn't notice that some liquid chemical has spilled into his material invention. The material is then carried to other laboratories for final testing. However, the material has dropped out of the vehicle while in the Kampung Baru. Wild rats that ate the material turns into a monster and attack the resident. Prof. Zamil think of different ways to destroy the monsters when he knew about this. Whether he will succeed?
p/s : sorry for my broken English..haha