Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiki, Mimi & Cici

kerja dikala tiada kerja... =D
guess! which one is Cici, Kiki and Mimi?

oh, now i realized they don't have eyebrows..huhu
ha'a ek.. lbih kurang macam Kaoru Gempak Starz pun ade... =P

Testing Testing 1 2 3

*this is experimental only

and it's successful!
u guyz find out urself what i've done in this post...hehe

Monday, April 18, 2011

Source Code 4 Scream

"what's your favorite scary movie?"...huu did u guyz will afraid if a strangers saying like that on the phone?
macam nak mintak kne lempang pun ade..huhu but seriously, it's scary... *nodding head
watched with my BFF ;) today (17/4), pity him, being a victim sit next to me..haha (don't you laugh ok! =P hehe)
lots of surprise and shocking scene... jiwa terumbang-ambing oO..... phew~
some reviews says that Scream 4 is way much better than previous one...
yup, i agree with that, even though i'm never watch previous series yet..
i'm only know about this movie when i'm watched Scary Movie...huhu
always want to laugh whenever i see the killer in this movie, this is all Scary Movie's fault..haha
however, this new sequel is still the same but really different from what we have expected...
must watch, for those who love thriller and scream = jerit...  =D

after enjoyed play bowling and window shopping, it's time for coding..hehe
it's hard to understand for those who doesn't love to think..huhu you are forbidden to watch this! =P
it's kinda complicated and repeat over and over again until the mission's done...
but its not bad after all...
they still have actions and explosions... the effects seems real...
nampak macam betul2 t'bakar org dia oO...
i don't know whether i'm satisfied with their ending or just pity for the main character...hmmm~
u guyz should watch this movie, so that you can judge it by urself...hehe

guess where we had our dinner?
nak poyo sat..hihi

Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Entry

i felt like a year i haven't go to cinema, watch latest movies....huu miss you so much! (padahal bulan lepas dah pegi..haha) and i've missed to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa...arrrgghh! tunggu download lar jwabnye.. =(
me and my housemate went to watch this movie today.. yeah, i know it's kinda late..

biase-biase je lar cite dia... mostly they are new cast in this film...
i hate their intro, it's really scare me..huhu as well as the beginning of story...
but then, the plot story became slow...oh my~
until the ending is like..what??!
they give an explanation, but still x faham...huhu 
after i went out from cinema, then i get the point..haha
lucky it's a free ticket! x rugi pun..haha
thanks to my fren who gave it to us and MIG.. =)

we've just found out about PC Fair after we bumped into my fren, she's enjoyed shopping there..
patut ler ramai beno org hari ni.....huu
so, we went there after having our meal... yup, crowded as usual... 
well, we have nothing to buy there.. no money no talk..huhu just window shopping..
its held for 3 days, from 15 - 17 April...
cepat-cepat lar datang singgah bagi sesiapa yg x datang lagi.. =D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Free From Freedom

*most pictures picked from Google

today, lecturer came visit me
you can refer here if u don't get what i'm saying

bile lar nak dapat lecturer yg macam ni?
guaranteed, i'll never skip class

presentation is just showing her my work i've done here
i hope she will respond like this

but, her reaction...

haha.. tipu je...
sorry madam =D
it's ok lar.....

can't wait to throw you away from me

and you, final report..

dengan ini, tamatlah practical sy

however, i continue to do part-time another 2 months here
mood malas sy dah datang

malas nak buat kerja!

i want SLEEP!

but, i need this..

i loike~

work work work

Kerja merupakan "kesungguhan yang dilaksanakan oleh manusia bagi mendapatkan upah atau ganjaran". Manakala ibadah bermaksud "kepatuhan dari ketaatan kita kepada ketinggian dan kekuasaan Allah yang diiringi kesanggupan menyerah diri kepadanya". Apabila digabungkan, ia bolehlah diertikan sebagai tugas atau tanggungjawab untuk meraih pendapatan dan keredhaan Allah.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UniKL Open Day 2011

*although i'm not involved, but i'm very glad to help them in designs, especially my BFF ;)

Come, visit us!
at Bachelor in Software Engineering Booth
UniKL MIIT, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL


BSE Logo

they picked futuristic as a theme with a slogan
Embrace Future Technology
however, uniKL give the real theme at last minute which is relate to election
tu sbb agak cacat skit ade VOTE!..huhu
so, the theme became
Election In Futuristic

Banner (reduced size)

you will see them wearing this...

 or this...
or NOT! haha
melebihi bajet ler kte kan...hehe

at their booth have :
Final Year Project (FYP) presentations
indoor games
ps3 move & xbox
accessories sales
doughnut & tart sales 

they also selling their badge button


i heard that celebrities will be coming there!
Come! have a futuristic experience with them..
enjoy the open day

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rumah Kau Terbakar!!! April Fool! Wakaka...

terbakor btui2 kang bru tau..huhu
while i was kid, bez oO celebrate this day.. do pranks on our frens.. wuhu! haha
don't know anything ler kte kan... =)
but now, no April Fools anymore... saya suda matang...haha
cheating is a sin you know?! hehe

for muslims, maybe some of u guyz know the truth of this day.. some of you may not...
i still wanna tell you, juz a reminder for us...

we've been fooled a lot by them.. so, why do we have look up to them..
sorry, i'm too lazy to explain again about the history of Muslim Fools Day..
geram ade, sedih pun ade...
so, i leave you the link so that u guyz can read detail..

and of course lar they dispute the fact, believe on their fake history..

    no matter what, as i said, we've been fooled a lot by them...
    since before we born, even our great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents was born...huhu
    their healthy tips also lies, apatah lagi sejarah...

    me and my friend have discussed about this...
    do u guyz really believe the prehistoric that we've learnt at school..
    PaleolitikMesolitikNeolitik,  Zaman Logam
    also the dinosaur things, and so on so on bla bla bla...


    different from what was written in Al-Quran rite?
    tu lar, mak dah pesan, rajin2 baca Quran.... =D
    not only April, January February March May June July August September October November December Fool Day lar senang cite..huhuhu

    nak diikutkan, smpai esok pun x hbis nak cite pasal ni..hehe 
    msing2 dah besar kan, think urself ler...
    anyway, the truth will be answered on the End of the Day...