Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UniKL Open Day 2011

*although i'm not involved, but i'm very glad to help them in designs, especially my BFF ;)

Come, visit us!
at Bachelor in Software Engineering Booth
UniKL MIIT, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL


BSE Logo

they picked futuristic as a theme with a slogan
Embrace Future Technology
however, uniKL give the real theme at last minute which is relate to election
tu sbb agak cacat skit ade VOTE!..huhu
so, the theme became
Election In Futuristic

Banner (reduced size)

you will see them wearing this...

 or this...
or NOT! haha
melebihi bajet ler kte kan...hehe

at their booth have :
Final Year Project (FYP) presentations
indoor games
ps3 move & xbox
accessories sales
doughnut & tart sales 

they also selling their badge button


i heard that celebrities will be coming there!
Come! have a futuristic experience with them..
enjoy the open day

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  1. macam seronok gile..orang luar leh datang ke?hehe