Monday, April 18, 2011

Source Code 4 Scream

"what's your favorite scary movie?"...huu did u guyz will afraid if a strangers saying like that on the phone?
macam nak mintak kne lempang pun ade..huhu but seriously, it's scary... *nodding head
watched with my BFF ;) today (17/4), pity him, being a victim sit next to me..haha (don't you laugh ok! =P hehe)
lots of surprise and shocking scene... jiwa terumbang-ambing oO..... phew~
some reviews says that Scream 4 is way much better than previous one...
yup, i agree with that, even though i'm never watch previous series yet..
i'm only know about this movie when i'm watched Scary Movie...huhu
always want to laugh whenever i see the killer in this movie, this is all Scary Movie's fault..haha
however, this new sequel is still the same but really different from what we have expected...
must watch, for those who love thriller and scream = jerit...  =D

after enjoyed play bowling and window shopping, it's time for coding..hehe
it's hard to understand for those who doesn't love to think..huhu you are forbidden to watch this! =P
it's kinda complicated and repeat over and over again until the mission's done...
but its not bad after all...
they still have actions and explosions... the effects seems real...
nampak macam betul2 t'bakar org dia oO...
i don't know whether i'm satisfied with their ending or just pity for the main character...hmmm~
u guyz should watch this movie, so that you can judge it by urself...hehe

guess where we had our dinner?
nak poyo sat..hihi

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