Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Entry

i felt like a year i haven't go to cinema, watch latest movies....huu miss you so much! (padahal bulan lepas dah pegi..haha) and i've missed to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa...arrrgghh! tunggu download lar jwabnye.. =(
me and my housemate went to watch this movie today.. yeah, i know it's kinda late..

biase-biase je lar cite dia... mostly they are new cast in this film...
i hate their intro, it's really scare me..huhu as well as the beginning of story...
but then, the plot story became slow...oh my~
until the ending is like..what??!
they give an explanation, but still x faham...huhu 
after i went out from cinema, then i get the point..haha
lucky it's a free ticket! x rugi pun..haha
thanks to my fren who gave it to us and MIG.. =)

we've just found out about PC Fair after we bumped into my fren, she's enjoyed shopping there..
patut ler ramai beno org hari ni.....huu
so, we went there after having our meal... yup, crowded as usual... 
well, we have nothing to buy there.. no money no talk..huhu just window shopping..
its held for 3 days, from 15 - 17 April...
cepat-cepat lar datang singgah bagi sesiapa yg x datang lagi.. =D

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