Thursday, January 6, 2011

Commercial Break

what a ridiculous advertisement?! just keep talking, absolutely brilliant! (sy pun mcmtu jgk..huhu) it's very difficult to find the idea to create an ads, squeeze the brain hardly...haha 

this is a group project which we're chose commercial as our project.. initially, i've got an idea for Traffic Light Mat Kool ice-cream's ads, which i did for storyboard assignment during sem2.. but they don't want it bcoz its too hard for us, need to use slow motion effect (memandangkan kami msih kurg pengethuan..huhu)...

DVD Cover

the idea for this commercial was from our team member, keylatt (nama glamour ktenye), also directed by him... i'm just act as cameraman and cover designer.. this commercial was 100% made by us.. thanks a lot for those who helped us, we're really appreciate it <3

i made this for my fren's assignment, where its our fist time using sound forge.. the idea was mine, using her own voice... still, weird.... i can create for other people very great result, while mine one was too bad! hahaha (malu nk tnjuk =P )

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