Sunday, February 27, 2011

Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia...

The company have no operator, Chic had to make a side job answering phone calls.
Chic : Hello, ABC Sdn Bhd.

Margaret : May I speak to Mat, your boss please?

Chic : Sorry, he's not in the office yet.

Margaret : Well, can I have his phone number?

Chic asked her senior. The senior said it's a protocol of company that boss's mobile number should never give to a client. Oh-Oo~ trouble for Chic... bcoz she's one of the "tu la, zmn skola x nk praktikkn BI, da tua br glabah".

Chic : Sorry, err..we don't have his number.

Margaret : Why you don't have his number?! He is your boss rite? You as operator must have his number.

Chic : Err.. Sorry, errr....we...

Margaret : What? Speak louder please!

Chic : Errr.. Sorry, err...we cannot give, err..his number to a client.

Margaret : I don't understand what are you saying! 

Chic : Ermm...

Margaret : What other language you understand?

Chic : Ermm.. can we speak in Bahasa Melayu then?

Margaret : No! I don't want to speak Malay with you! Where's your supervisor, I want to speak with her!

Quick Question
Who is the one who should be blame?
A) Chic. Because she do not speak BI fluently.
B) Margaret. Well, we can guess she also 'hampeh' in BM.
C) Company in Malaysia which has put BI as a main condition.

p/s : Kita kan 1 Malaysia....muahahahahahaha =P


  1. sometimes people didn't admit what actually they are...haha

  2. perhhh terbaik la.....client x nk ckp bM huhuhu