Sunday, March 13, 2011

Searching Begin

*this post is purely my intention to help my father..hahaha

we are looking for tenants

RM 1490 per month

location :
Level 14, Block A
Villa Lagenda, Taman Desa Bakti, Selayang

don't know where it is?
u can refer this map

only 15-20 minutes to KL
tu pun kalo x jam ler...hehe

we have a nice KL view
dpt tgk bunga api dari jauh..hehe batu caves pn blh nmpk terang2 =P
teropong jgk disediakan kalo xnmpk..haha

its fully furnished!
except fridge & washing machine
bsuh pkai tgn..huhu

living room

dining room


master bedroom

two rooms

facilities :

swimming pool

tennis court
mini market
laundry shop
mini restaurant


most important :
24 hours security guard + cctv

for those who are very interested, do leave ur email in comment
so that i can give u more detail information
serius ok, bkn main2

search is over
(23 March 2011)

thank u

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