Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pledge Now!

its coming back! wuhu! =D
its easy lar..juz turn off ur electrical switches for 60 minutes...
x pun, juz tumpang ur frens house for 1 night..haha jimat jgk ape..
for those negative thinker,
jgn ler t'lalu fikir yg negatif jer kempen ni....
although only 1 hour, at least we all help to save the earth kan?

what? still don't want to support, fine! =(
if u do, come come, click here ...hehe =)

don't forget :
26 March
8.30 PM till 9.30 PM



  1. 60 minit tu lame tuh....tpi takle atleast boleh tolong bumi kire okla...