Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Of Fast & Furious Thunder


enjoy your weekend =)

although i'm not an official labour yet, i still want to enjoy it.. esok cuti! haha
oOo~ suke ye korang dah habis prac, ku sorg je yang t'lebih rajin b'kerja.. *mention to my frens =P
even my mom also saying those 'ayat touching' :
"bile nak balik kg.? ni baru kerja sementara, belum lagi kerja btul2 lagi x de mase kang.. =( "
ala Mak, sorry ler.... who's gonna help me to pay for my degree registration fee later? huhu
tengah bulan kang sy balik ye, tunggu tau! hehe

oke2, enough...
guess what's my activity for today?

of course lar go to cinema..hahahahahaha
u guyz must accept me for being a 'kaki wayang'...hehe
tapi Nuffnang x pnah bg tiket free kat sy... kedekut! =(  (saje nak mintak pelempang dorg..haha
usually i hate it, but this time, i'm very satisfied watched Thor in 3D! especially with my BFF ;)
you can see their special effects is like...superb! *speechless
some times i feel like i'm in Planetarium, watching stars..haha (planetarium jer??)
they got high imagination for creating the scenes... besides, their action scenes is very awesome!
and most important, the hero is handsome and badan katang *wink2 ;) hihihi

this movie reminds me to the game that i love to play while i was kid...

God Of Thunder

bez oO game ni...... banyak kali dah khatam..huhu
the main thing that i love this game is to hear Thor's sound when his dead : "Aaaahhhhh" *macho echoing...
anyone who ever played this should know that..hahaha
kadang2 saje jer bagi dia mati sbb nak dgr suara dia..haha

while waiting for next movie, we spent time for bowling and have a nice tea time at........
where, where? guess?

hahaha poyo lagi
kata show off a bit..hehe

Fast & Furious has never disappoint the audience... more and more extreme actions...
there's also have some part of comedy here..hehe
in this movie, all the important characters from previous gathered..
before they all gonna starts a new life, they have agreed to do their last mission..
even the police also joined them..haha
what's their mission? watch it urself..huhu