Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mock-up Is Called A Prototype

wow! it's been almost two month i didn't update here..
soon will be Hari Raya...wuhu!
i was very busy these days, i've no time for blog... =(
nah~~ actually, i'm just very lazy..hahaha

now, i wanna show you some mock-up websites which have been selected while I was intern..
my job is to redesign layout of the website, then it will be submitted to permanent staff to develop the website.. 
i just GOT this job from my boss for this project, not more than that.. (riso ler kome pikir bkn2..huhu)

this is my mock-up design

then, it became like this...

lastly, it's end up like this...
feel free to visit here =)
it's been live since 7th July

same goes to this project...

just live this evening

that's all for today.. thank you.. =)
(auww~ formalnye sume public speaking pnye

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